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Do Hemp Seeds Go Bad - Things You Need to Know

Mar 12, 2021 12:00AM

What Does Hemp Seed Do?

Do Hemp Seeds Go Bad

Can hemp seeds develop into black mold and other organic mold infestations? Absolutely! The answer to this is found in the fiber of the plant as it relates to our understanding of organic farming. Here are a few facts to consider:


The reason that hemp can cause problems for your crops is because of the type of soil that it grows in. Hemp requires a lot more moisture than most other plants can tolerate. If you are growing hemp in an area that does not have the proper drainage in place, the plant may end up dying. Hemp is highly susceptible to high temperatures from the sun, wind, and rain so the soil will often need to be turned several times throughout the growing season.


A good test to see if seeds are viable is to look at the bottom of a tall container of soil. If you see sand or something else on the bottom, then you should avoid growing the seeds in your soil. However, if you see soil that has little or no sand, then you can proceed to grow them. This indicates that the soil is fine and the plant can utilize it. There may be other reasons that the soil isn't suitable but that is beyond the scope of this article.


A concern with hemp seeds is that they can become contaminated with bacteria. What do I mean by that? Well, seeds used to be grown primarily in the South, but many companies now use hemp grown in other countries. Some companies actually import the seed and process it before it is sent to market. This means that there are foreign contaminants in the seed leading to possible mold contamination in the end product.


How can this happen? It happens because there is no way for the seed to go to seed without first being contaminated. The seed is actually sterilized with chemicals such as nitrogen, which is good for a plant but can leave the seed vulnerable to microbial growth. In some cases, hemp seeds have been found to contain mold spores and this is a big concern if you have a sensitive family who could be allergic to the spores.


So how can you protect yourself from this? You can make sure that you only grow hemp seed from trusted sources. If you want to try out a new seed, check with local nurseries that grow and harvest seed on a regular basis. They will know which plants are considered safe for seed consumption. They may even have advice for people wondering "Do Hemp Seeds Go Bad?"


Next, you can also contact the National Organic Program to learn about the various hemp cultivars grown for consumption. There are several cultivars out there and each one offers a different level of resistance to common pests. Once you have the right kind of help for your garden, you can simply grow the seeds to harvest. That's all there is to it!


What can do hemp seed do for you if it does go bad? The best way to prevent exposure to harmful contaminants is to ensure that you only grow the very best types of seed. If you're growing an indoor garden, consider planting hardy hybrid mixes rather than buying commercial mixes. Indoor gardens can be successfully set up with hemp, so you should really consider trying this option. For outdoor gardens, you'll probably need a soil with good water retention to keep the hemp plants healthy and viable.


Another great option to consider for avoiding potential contamination is soil testing. It's easy enough to get a soil test kit from your local nursery or garden store; simply follow the instructions to prepare your soil and then send it off for testing. Once you know the results, you can determine whether or not to further improve your soil in preparation for next year's crop.


While soil testing isn't absolutely necessary to avoid contaminating your hemp seed, it can make things much easier. If you've already planted and prepared your seed bed, you'll already have tested the soil. You won't have to spend time and money testing it again in the future. However, soil testing isn't something you should put off until your seed has bloomed. It can actually help ensure that you get the most out of your hemp planting efforts.


So what can do hemp seeds do that ordinary seeds cannot? From being easier to grow to having greater shelf life, hemp seeds can be used to increase your hemp planting success next season. They also have natural pest repellents to help keep those pesky insects away from your seed. Before you ask "what does hemp seed do?" take the time to do some research so you can answer that question before you start your next seedling adventure.