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Hemp Bomb Vape Pen - Beware Before Making a Decision

Mar 12, 2021 12:00AM

How to Make a Homemade Hemp Balm

Hemp Bomb Vape Pen

When you think of a hemp bomb would you include the smoke from burning it with anything else? Well, not exactly. What is this super product really called? A hemp vaporizer?


You may be forgiven for thinking that a hemp cooker or a hemp stove would be a much better name. It has a lot more going for it. The fact that it can turn water into vapor form at a very high temperature is one plus. How about being able to inhale fresh, clean air without burning your lungs?


We should also be reassured that this technology is not new and hasn't been around forever. It's been around for a long time, but only in the recent past have manufacturers been able to mass produce them. That is what gives them such a strong market share - they have been able to keep the prices so low.


Of course, there are some safety issues. The explosion hazard comes to mind. But, since they don't use any combustible gas, this type of bomb goes right through the window of the house. That is, it goes up and out through the roof like a helium balloon. There is no danger posed by it whatsoever.


The only real problem is handling. They are quite heavy. So, you need to store them away in a safe place. This could easily be done by tying them up in an RV cover, a tarp or even a blanket.


There are many more issues, too, like having to haul a large container full of Hanks Sweetie Scrub. If you go to buy one at your local drug store you will notice that the shelf life of the product is only a few months. That is because it is not made from true hemp, but instead a manmade compound called Hanks Sweetie Scrub. In order for it to perform as it is intended it needs to contain a large concentration of CBD oil.


So, how do we get the CBD oil? Easy. There are quite a few companies online that have developed a process called "hydrolysis". It is basically the extraction of oil from plant matter. The product that results is CBD. The companies that produce this product do so to insure that all of the CBD is removed, leaving only the beneficial therapeutic proteins.


There are other benefits to using hemp products when it comes to making bombs. Hemp has fewer side effects than any other type of oil. For example, when THC and CBD oils are combined the result is marijuana smoke. With all of the plant material that is now available, there is very little chance that the finished product will have any side effects at all. So, the next time you consider what to do with all of those old Halloween candy canes, think hemp!


As far as making a homemade bomb goes, you will need a glass jar, a thermometer, a funnel, and some wax paper. These items can easily be found at your local hardware or grocery store. If you find some sitting around your home already, then by all means save them for this purpose. Next, you will need a funnel to pour the wax into the jar and then carefully funnel some of the mixture through the bottom of the glass. Once you have done that you can put the lid on the jar and let it set overnight.


You should have your homemade bomb by the morning if you want to enjoy it during the day. If you store the bomb in the refrigerator, it might begin to deteriorate by the end of the day. The reason for this is because it is exposed to moisture and air constantly. This causes it to weaken over time. If you store it in the freezer, it might make a good snack over the long weekend, but not on the first day.


One thing you should keep in mind when making your bomb is to make sure you are only using pure hemp oil. Anything that has any type of filler or extra ingredients will dilute it and make it less effective. Also, avoid any type of fuel such as cornstarch or wheat gluten. The vapors from these will dilute the potency greatly. Also, never use any type of powdered sugar or honey because they will also defeat the purpose of your creation.


There are many different recipes out there for homemade bombs. Some are better than others. The best advice I can give is to make your bomb as close to the real thing as possible. By doing this, you will greatly increase the potency and you will have the most fun trying to make that perfect bomb.