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Male Vs Female Hemp Plants - Beware of This

Mar 12, 2021 12:00AM

Hemp Plants

Male Vs Female Hemp plants are an important part of starting an alternative energy or hemp business. There are many reasons why having these plants in your home is a good idea. For one, they are highly productive and can be grown anywhere. They are less expensive than other types of energy or hemp products. They are also environmentally friendly as hemp leaves don't get burned off and create none of the pollution that other fossil fuels do.

Male Vs Female Hemp Plants


There are two basic categories of male or female hemp plants. There is Male Sterols which is in the phytoestrogen family. This means that they will bind with estrogen so that they cannot be used by either the male or the female plants. If you have a man in your home who wants to use this product then you have to let him know before you even cross your fingers for a harvest. The other type of plant is the Male Indigestion.


The male plants will cause you no problems because they will not cross pollinate with the female plants. This is the only way that the two plants will interact. There are female plants that have phytoestrogens which will bind with the male hemp plants so that they cannot be used. When this happens the male plants will be left without any nutrients. If you have a woman in your home who is using the male plants without telling you she has pregnant or menstruating effects then she may have issues with her unborn baby.


The best way to ensure that you are using the right type of hemp product in your home is to check it out with your doctor first. You want to make sure that it won't interfere with any medicines that you are taking. Once you have made the decision to start selling male vs female hemp plants you will need to get them started. Since this is not something that you want to spend a lot of money on you can buy them in bulk. They are usually available at your local home improvement center.


Male plants can be tough to start. You may find that you need to do a lot of watering and trying to keep them growing. When you do get them going they can be quite tall and hard to control. If you are going to be working with them, it would be wise to use a hand puller to help them along.


When you are getting the male plants ready for sale, you need to take good care of them. You can water them just about every day. You also want to fertilize them. Make sure that they get plenty of sunlight and that they have plenty of nutrients. If you take care of them, you will have plenty of them to offer your customers.


You will find that the male plants are a bit more expensive than the females. This is because the male plants take more time to grow. They can grow up to three feet taller than the female plants. However, if you are looking for an alternative to commercialized crops this may be a way to go.


If you are interested in growing hemp indoors then you should consider the male plants. You will find that they are easier to care for. They do not need as much attention. They will grow taller and be easier to harvest. You will not have to worry about the tall "grass" type plants. The hemp plant is perfect for indoor gardening.


If you are not interested in growing them indoors you should consider the female plants. They are much easier to care for. The females are taller and have less height than the male plants. They also have straighter stalks.


You should consider the ratio of male to female plants when you are deciding which one to grow. If you have a large garden you might want to use the male plants all around your home. If you have a small garden you could use the female plants all over your home. Male plants will tend to "outnumber" the females. If you have more males than females then you will have more hemp plants.


In order to assure that you get the best ratio of male to female plants, you will want to start off with seed. This will ensure that there are enough male plants to take over the females. Once the seedlings have grown there will not be enough female plants to take over so the seeds will become male plants. This can happen sooner if the seeds are in a container. If they are planted in a garden the seeds will come up through the root system and end up in more than one place. If they are planted in a pot, the seeds may end up in multiple pots before they end up as male plants.